My name is Nicholas. I am a full-stack engineer residing in Minneapolis, Mn.

More than fifteen years of experience in software development allows me to meet real-world business needs and expectations with professional and reliable solutions. I also have a burning desire to continually learn and adapt to today’s standards in software development.

I can assist you with developing a product from the ground-up. From understanding business logic, to specifications, to gritty development.

I work well on a development team, but I am also capable of motivating myself when working alone. I am flexible, resilient, friendly, intelligent & adaptable.


I have been developing software professionally since 2000. Since starting, I have completed dozens of projects of all types; Desktop programs, console applications, web applications, reporting solutions, and beyond.

To complete my projects, I have used an array of different languages and technologies over the years. This has allowed me to keep an open mind, and ultimately grasp a wider understanding of potential solutions for my clients.

  • Strives to obtain extensive knowledge about the customer’s business, needs, services and products
  • Competent with understanding business requirements set by the customer
  • Capable of assisting customers with converting business requirements into software requirements
  • Understands the value of software on a user experience and user interface level

I am very efficient with HTML and CSS. They are second nature when I am in the pit of web application development. What gets me excited, however, is the world of client-side development.


I’ve been in love with JavaScript since Netscape. Most all web applications I have created have had a rich client-side flair that can only be obtained from expert-level client-side development.

  • MVVM/MVW Wizard: Excellent with KnockoutJS and AngularJS
  • Firm understanding of JQuery & plain Javascript
  • Expert at AJAX concepts
  • Responsive/Mobile Development
  • Template frameworks: Foundation, Bootstrap

When I was ten, for Christmas I received two gifts. A Star Trek Tricorder and “Visual Basic 3 for Dummies”. You could say this is where it all started.

I have been very active with .NET Development since 2000. In this amount of time, I have mastered the .NET Framework and Microsoft SQL. I have completed numerous projects; desktop apps, web apps, console apps, web services, SQL Reports… You name it.

  • If English didn’t exist, I would speak C#
  • Used .net framework since it’s inception
  • Robust understanding of MS SQL
  • Excels in Signalr and Knockout.js web apps
  • Has developed desktop, website and web applications using .net
  • Has experience with VB6 and other dinosaur MS solutions
  • Dynamics GP experience

Of the time I’ve spent developing in PHP and MySQL, 95% of it has been spent in WordPress. I have also worked in Drupal, Joomla, and custom environments as well.

I am efficient working within the LAMP stack, and I am confident that I can deliver.

  • Expert level experience with the LAMP stack
  • WordPress development since 2009, including theme and plugin development
  • Has worked in various hosting environments

I have been on Ruby and node.js projects. I have extensive knowlege of Microsoft office suite (including building an application within an excel spreadsheet). I’ve interfaced with electronics. I have built a lot of websites. There have simply been too many edge cases to share digitally.

If you have any questions about whether or not I’d be right for your project, please contact me.

What People Are Saying

Nick has great, out-of-the-box ideas and he gets problems solved. He adds a creative element to advancing your business through technology.

Heather Koffler, Bennett Office Technologies


(320) 295-6485